Grand Opening Party this Saturday! All are invited…


Please join us this Saturday for the Rough Recess Opening Party! We have worked diligently to create a fun, safe environment for you all to take a break from your busy lives and work on your personal fitness and nutrition goals….

So come enjoy YOUR NEW TRYM Fit gym!

  • To sign up to participate in a free Rough Recess workout and some other fun individual and team activities.
  • Health Vender Booths to keep you living the TRYM Life.
  • Fun Games, Friendly Competitions… and even better… AWESOME PRIZES!
  • We will be offering special pricing on childrens and adult Rough Recess, Training, Nutrition, Spray Tanning, Sports Supplements, Clothing and more.
  • Bring a newbie… we also have some great New Client Giveaways!!

Date: 10/18/2014
Time: 10am – 2pm
RSVP for Free Fitness events HERE

2554 Tarpley Rd #116
Carrollton, TX 75006


Ever wondered how you can improve your physique and performance with dietary changes? Well protein is an important staple for any nutrition goal. Join us on October 1st at the Rough Recess Gym to hear all about protein! Dr. Mike Roussell will be here to share all of his research. He will be teaching us about the importance of protein and how to implement it into your diet to improve body composition and maximize performance. Dinner will be provided!


A little bit about Michael Roussell, PhD:
-Nutrition Advisor for Mens Health
-Head of Nutrition at Peak Performance, NYC
-Cheif Science Officer for Intelligent Quisine
-PhD in Nutrition from Penn State University

Check out the event on Facebook and be sure to RSVP: Mike Roussell flyer - Oct 1st, 2014

Protein for Body Composition and Performance by Dr. Mike Roussell

Meet the Kids Rough Recess Trainer – Lauren Rae

photo-1Lauren Rae is your catalyst for total transformation! With an inspired approach to overall wellness, she utilizes lifestyle coaching, functional exercise classical Mat and Reformer Pilates as well as nutritional guidance to help you and others around the world look and feel their absolute best. Lauren has been training for over a decade and began her profession in the fitness industry 4 years ago. Lauren Rae runs the Kids Rough Recess classes and offers a fun safe environment for children ages 8-17 to learn proper form and execution physical fitness.

Rough Recess Grand Opening Party – October 18th!

The Rough Recess a TRYMFit GYM is having a Grand Opening Party! Please mark your calendars to come check out the awesome training space, some music and pretty cool vender booths, sports and athlete games, and of course a little healthy competition! We will be giving away memberships, training and nutrition packages, Rough Recess classes, Spray Tan packages and more… All are welcome – So bring your friends and family!
Rough recess grand opening party

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 8.20.08 AMPerhaps most importantly, physical activity develops children’s self-esteem and confidence. Their ability to overcome challenging situations improves and they simply enjoy a better, sunnier outlook on life. In addition, our adolescent children can develop further social skills such as leadership and empathy. -Uta Pippig, Take the Magic Step

Do you remember playing outside until the street lamps came on? Kick the Can, Capture the Flag, Tag, using your imagination to run rampant through other peoples yards, climbing trees and coming back home exhausted… The days of easy exercise for kids is diminishing with unsafe streets, tiny new trees that cannot withstand the weight of a kid, poor diets that lead to low energy, and of course, technology that is taking the place of imagination. Consider getting those kiddos active in a safe ‘gym’ environment to help teach them how to exercise correctly as well as the benefits of being active.

Here are 2 important reasons why your kids should be working out:

Mental Health

  • Teaches valuable social skills in a group setting
  • Expends energy for improved concentration
  • Improves brain function and the ability to create memories
  • Provides calm energy for mental clarity

Physical Health

  • Increases cardiovascular health
  • Creates strong bones and muscles
  • Strengthens their immune system
  • Reduces risk of obesity and related diseases

Kids Rough Recess starts TODAY and runs 3 days a week, 12 sessions a month on Monday, Wednesday 4pm after school and Saturday at noon. Children ages 8-17 can participate in kid-friendly fitness where they will learn how to workout safely in a fun environment with an experienced personal trainer and group fitness expert. And don’t forget about YOUR fitness! We have 6 classes a day for adults…Family discounts available!

Please fill out the contact form and we’ll send you more info.

Kids Rough Recess: 2 Important Reasons Why Your Kids Should Be Working Out

Meet the Rough Recess Trainers: Malaina

Rough Recess Trainer Malaina

Rough Recess Trainer Malaina

My name is Malaina Malik and I am a personal trainer at Rough Recess! I have been in fitness as long as I can remember beginning when I started playing basketball in 7th grade. I continued to play throughout high school as varsity player until I graduated from Plano West High School. I thrive and live the healthy and fit life style… the TRYMLife. I am so excited to be using my knowledge of healthy living to help others achieve their health goals. While achieving your goals, we will have fun and sweating all the way to your dream body! As your trainer I will treat you as I would want to be treated and look forward to being your coach!

Rough Recess: School Starts September 1st!

Remember how much you looked forward to recess in elementary school? You watched the clock… minute by minute ticked by unil finally… BRRRIIIINGGG!!!
Time to play.
Time to burn of STEAM!
Get off your butt and into the newest TRYM Fit Gym to play at the only Indoor Fitness Playground – Rough Recess.
Rough Recess is a break from the hum drum of usual life. A fitness break for people to work on their health, happiness all while having a good time with great people.  It is a break from the stressors in life such as work, traffic, family, pets, yard work etc.  Everyone needs an escape – and this is yours! We would love for you to build all the same principles as TRYM Fit clients that we call the TRYMLife. This concept is built upon that only in a group training style that is fun and very affordable. Rough Recess offers the benefits of functional, high intensity group training that is safe and effective for all levels of ability. We will also be offering nutrition and supplementation advice, healthy eating and cooking classes in additional to the usual weekly workouts and free classes.Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 4.19.51 PM

Come get your ROUGH RECESS ON! 
Contact us to sign up for a free trial class…